Grocery shopping 

The one thing I hate to do is grocery shop. I go to the store and I shop for hours. I look crazy because I talk to myself, that’s the way I figure out the dinner situation in my head. Yeah, I tried the list thing, it didn’t work out too well, I always get to the store and remember that I left it on the counter. So I just keep it all in my head. So I get everything I need then drag it to the convaer belt and then bag it all then pack it in the car. Off to home I go just to carry it from the car to the house. Of course I’m the only one home so I have to put all this away. By that time I am exhausted. I hate grocery shopping. I tell my family I’m going to the black hole because I’m lost for hours in there. I hate grocery shopping. But the reward is we have food, plenty of food in the house. 

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9 Responses to Grocery shopping 

  1. JMFaith says:

    Grocery shopping is certainly not for the faint of heart. I had to do it today and only spent $60, which means I bought almost nothing we need and I will be back in two days.

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  2. elsie says:

    My husband despises grocery shopping, therefore I’m the only one to do it. Of course I’m the only cook, so I guess that works out. I do price matching so I have to have a list and the ads. Maybe you need to get a beverage treat to sip as you wander the store. 🙂

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  3. I loathe going grocery shopping. And waiting at the deli counter…FORGET IT!

    Oh, and your post said it’s the 24th because you probably didn’t change the time zone in your settings on wordpress. It happened to me once before and once I changed to the correct time zone, I actually edited my slice to post it three minutes from the current time because it bothered me so much that it said it posted the following day, when it didn’t! Lol!

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    • Malekka says:

      I don’t even stop at the deli anymore! That’s another 20 minutes right there! And they don’t have any meats with no nitrates in them anyway. And thanks for the tip, I didn’t touch and settings and it’s only did it today. I’ll look into it though!


  4. LSquared says:

    “I’m going to the black hole.” Yep. That’s what Safeway is for me.


  5. Dana Murphy says:

    Melissa, I’m the exact same way – I hate grocery shopping. I go every weekend, and I hate it every weekend. But, I always, always have a list (organized by section). I can’t believe you shop without a list!

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  6. Ugh grocery shopping!! ESPECIALLY in this weather. It adds to the annoyance of it all. I hear everything you are saying. =)

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