Today I  am not feeling positive. I feel grumpy. I don’t even think there is a reason, well maybe the weather….but a real reason, no, not really. You ever just wake up in a bad mood? Today, is my day for that. I am trying to stay positive and smile, but I think you see through it. Today, I should have just stayed at home, today would have been a good day to just have stayed in bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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4 Responses to Today

  1. elsie says:

    Amy Krouse Rosental wrote a book called One of Those Days. She says there isn’t just one kind of one of those days and goes on to name different ones. Today is your Should-Have-Stayed-in-Bed day. She also says each day turns into night and after every night there is a new day. Hope yours is better tomorrow.

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  2. LSquared says:

    Wake up in a bad mood? Not too often, but I do manage to get into a bad mood sometimes by mid-morning and wish I was at home. I wonder if being grumpy is okay. Do we have to be light and cheery all the time?

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