Emergency visit 

Yesterday we got to visit the ER. It’s not a fun place to be by no means especially if it’s busy. My daughter had a horrible migraine and sinus infection. We spent eight hours there. We arrived home at midnight. We ate alittle and climbed into bed only for me to be woken up by a crying child at 1:45am in excruciating pain and throwing up, and again at 5am and again at 6am.  I hate that there is nothing you can do for your child.  She was finally able to fall asleep and slept till 4pm. She is feeling better, for now. I could just fall asleep typing but knew I needed to get this done. With that being said it’s definitely time to take a nap. 

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Picture Day

I think my first blog was about getting our family photos taken.I wanted to share just a few photos with you. My mother had wanted  these pictures taken for a long time. That day was a beautiful day. Everything went well! It was a long day but being with everyone was worth it. E10 E13

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28 days

I truly can not Believe that I have sliced for 28 days. I was so scared to commit to this challenge since I am not writer, I have never blogged before. As a young girl I didn’t write in a diary. I was a Tomboy. I liked to play games and go outside all day long and get dirty. I always associated writing girly! Nope not me, I wasn’t girly at all. I didn’t have time to write down my feelings, I didn’t have time to read! There were lots of friends to play with and lots of things to do! So for me, it was a huge challenge and I was so scared to be among all these people, all these writers good writers…teachers….they aRe born writers aren’t they?!

But I did it anyway, being fearful of not being a good writer, which I still think but it did get easier to write a little slice of my day. Somedays maybe were just something quick to just get it done and have that weight lifted! And others I felt really good about. 

After the thirty days I just might continue to slice! 

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Oh how I love Friday’s. Especially this Friday…it’s been a busy one. But aren’t they all? Oh how I love Fridays. I so need this time to relax and breath…yes, just breath….

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I loved playing Rummy. When I went to bed last night, the thought of my husband, then boyfriend, and I would sit up all night long and play Rummy and talk and laugh. The games even started to be too short so we added another deck of cards! Any time family would come over, we’d eventually all gather around the table and play! Oh man, that was so much fun! I haven’t played Rummy in years now.  

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Summer Fun

Our summer is filling in quickly! Summers are normally pretty packed, but we have a few other things that we added in this year. What a summer it’ll be! We have Brianna’s High school graduation, Kristin & Brianna’s birthday,  one eighteen and the other twenty-three, a family wedding, our 21st Anniversary and a few family reunions! And quite a few other things… It is going to be crazy but a summer full of fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! 

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Today I  am not feeling positive. I feel grumpy. I don’t even think there is a reason, well maybe the weather….but a real reason, no, not really. You ever just wake up in a bad mood? Today, is my day for that. I am trying to stay positive and smile, but I think you see through it. Today, I should have just stayed at home, today would have been a good day to just have stayed in bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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Grocery shopping 

The one thing I hate to do is grocery shop. I go to the store and I shop for hours. I look crazy because I talk to myself, that’s the way I figure out the dinner situation in my head. Yeah, I tried the list thing, it didn’t work out too well, I always get to the store and remember that I left it on the counter. So I just keep it all in my head. So I get everything I need then drag it to the convaer belt and then bag it all then pack it in the car. Off to home I go just to carry it from the car to the house. Of course I’m the only one home so I have to put all this away. By that time I am exhausted. I hate grocery shopping. I tell my family I’m going to the black hole because I’m lost for hours in there. I hate grocery shopping. But the reward is we have food, plenty of food in the house. 

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Mother Nature

I am so done with winter. Done with the cold, the snow, the hibernation! Spring has sprung!!  Flowers are peaking up from the ground, buds are blooming on the trees! So why oh why are they talking about accumulative snow then?! Please Mother Nature, we’ve had enough of winter. We’ve had enough of grey skies and frost. Just go away. We want the earth to be full of color and the sun to shine down on us and warm us up, and be free of layered clothing! Please Mother Nature hear our cries!

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The looming question 

The weekends are very laid back, not a structured outline for each day as the week days are. So there is always the looming question, the What’s for dinner? Question. Oh boy, what a question it is. 

Everybody in this house is very loud and opinionated and love to voice their thoughts, but when it come to thee question I always hear I don’t know! But let me make a suggestion and everyone says eeeewww or no way! 

So as I sit here this evening, that dark cloud is over my head again….humm…where should we go for dinner tonight? 

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