Mother Nature

I am so done with winter. Done with the cold, the snow, the hibernation! Spring has sprung!!  Flowers are peaking up from the ground, buds are blooming on the trees! So why oh why are they talking about accumulative snow then?! Please Mother Nature, we’ve had enough of winter. We’ve had enough of grey skies and frost. Just go away. We want the earth to be full of color and the sun to shine down on us and warm us up, and be free of layered clothing! Please Mother Nature hear our cries!

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8 Responses to Mother Nature

  1. ccahill2013 says:

    I hear ya!! I’m looking out my window and see those tiny, UNWELCOME flakes right now!

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  2. Gael Lynch says:

    Put your foot down…and shake your fist! It’s time to stand up to that evil Winter—time for a LOT of sunshine and warmth!!

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  3. Seriously!! I’m super annoyed right now. When we began getting our warm days back, Mike Hamernik (on CLTV) said that we were completely done with the snow! LIAR!!! lol.

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  4. Oh, yes, snow please stay away. What is going on here. I could really feel your frustration in your piece.

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  5. bbutler627 says:

    I hear ya. I packed away our boots last weekend as hopeful thinking. WTH, winter? Take a hike already. This is slop this morning. I hate slop.

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