My Spot

Everyday for last 8 years, I drive to work and park in the same parking space. Everyday. Today I pull into the parking lot and see that someone has already comfortably parked in MY spot I get a little perturbed. I throw Dagger looks at the car and the person, yelling to myself Oh come on, REALLY!!! You know that is MY spot! No, technically it isn’t MY spot, like my name isn’t posted there, but it really should be! I have even tried to talk my boss into giving us permanent spots, that really didn’t go over to well. I think she laughed at me. Nevertheless today I didn’t get to park in MY spot, so I parked right next to it. I know it is just a space and there are plenty others, but I claimed MY spot a long time ago. Hopefully tomorrow I will regain my morning routine.

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9 Responses to My Spot

  1. amelia1973 says:

    The little things in life that mean so much to us!

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  2. It wasn’t me…I swear! Lol! I totally get it though. We are creatures of habit!

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  3. MaryHelen says:

    Our spots have special memories. I do hope you get your spot tomorrow. Love the internal thinking.

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  4. arlsvera says:

    I feel this way about “my spot” in my yoga class. The regulars know where people like to be .. but then sometimes someones drops in on the class and they mess up everyone’s spot!

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  5. Dana Murphy says:

    The nerve of some people!! Ha ha. I didn’t realize you had your own parking spot. It wasn’t me, I swear!

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  6. lchavosky says:

    Melissa-I used to park near “your spot” until someone side swiped my car and left without a trace a few years ago. Then I viewed that area as ‘unlucky’.
    My new spot is now anywhere I can find one, which is annoying because I always have to remember in the PM where I was that morning.
    I wonder if your spot will be there tomorrow???

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  7. LSquared says:

    Funny! Whew, at least you parked NEXT to Your Spot. What if….

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