Sleepless in Midlo

I had a great day yesterday and was worn out when I finally arrived back home from my nephews birthday dinner. My husband and I relaxed a bit while watching our nightly ritual of the 9 o’ clock news. We agreed after that it was time to hit the sack! I fell asleep great… for about an hour. I heard a noise and woke up looked around, and thought is this something I need to get up for or was It in a dream I was having?? So, I decided to lay my head back down and try to fall back to sleep.

Yea right, that didn’t happen.

I laid there and the thoughts started coming, the worries, the list of things to do tomorrow and the next day, the bills that needed to be paid soon all while cursing the time change. I tossed and turned and tried to do it so I wouldn’t disturb the snoring bump that was lying next to me so peacefully. I tried to think of something boring, like counting sheep, yea that’s what I’ll do, I’ll count sheep….close my eyes and think of a fence and the sheep jumping over them while I count them one at a time….

Yea, that didn’t work.

I finally rolled over for the last time, I said to myself….and guess what happened?

Yea, the alarm went off.  Hello Monday!

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4 Responses to Sleepless in Midlo

  1. Kim K says:

    Awww- I was hoping you would get to go back to sleep. Boo to Monday! I was up on and off last night too with the most mundane thoughts running through my head. Ugh.

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  2. Dana Murphy says:

    I can’t say I can relate. I sleep like a log. Every night.

    But I loved this line: snoring bump that was lying next to me so peacefully. Great description!

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  3. elsie says:

    Some nights are like that, hope tonight you get to sleep and stay asleep.

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  4. LSquared says:

    What a fitful night. Too much birthday cake?? (kidding)

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