I long for you…

I need you…

I want you…

To make people smile…..

Not grumpy and hold them hostage in their homes….

Not to make them feel like hermits….

Not grey skies….

Not freezing weather….

Oh, Summer how I long for you…

You make family and friends come together so much easier…

You make me happy…..

When I’m floating in my pool and soaking up the rays….

When I’m listening to my country station…

When I smell the food cooking on the grill…..

When school is out and no more alarm clock…

That is something I long for…..

Oh, summer where are you? Oh how I long for you……

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4 Responses to Summer

  1. erinjohnson7 says:

    I love this! Very cute setup!

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  2. LSquared says:

    Here I thought it was a love poem and then it was. This weekend we have to “spring forward” which means dark mornings again. I miss the long daylight. What I love about summer is more free time.

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  3. Dana Murphy says:

    This makes me miss summer even more than I already did. I DO feel like I’m being held hostage.

    I love how the first few lines, I didn’t know who (or what) you were talking about! Great Slice! (and poetry, no less!)

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