My day off

My day off from work is a hard day of work at home! I can do the deep cleaning in my house that has been so neglected. I get to do the rest of the laundry I didn’t finish over the weekend, fold the huge pile of towels that I leave in the basket hoping someone else will fold, since they all use them too. Go to the grocery store and spend a boatload of money and two hours of my time gone and once I leave the produce area, I also lose cellular service! So, it’s just me with no distractions from my phone and people probably looking at me like I’m crazy cause I talk to myself just trying to get dinners for the week figured out in my head. Once, I get everything bagged and ready to go then it’s off to the cold and transfer the groceries from the cart to the truck then through the garage and up the stairs and finally I put the stuff away, now I can relax… no, by that time everyone is getting home from work and we are all wanting a little snack before dinner, so I make us food then sit on the couch to watch the news, for me, only a moment maybe, cause now it is time to get started on dinner if we want to eat before 7 but first go change my last load of laundry and put all the clothes away. So, for me a day off is no day off indeed!!! I really need a day off from my day off.

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8 Responses to My day off

  1. Kam P says:

    I like the fast pace of this slice; it really makes me feel the hectic day off you had. It also reminds me of letters my mama writes me about her busy days off where she has so much to do.

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  2. lynnjake says:

    Wow! You tired me out with your hectic day off. I think you need a vacation from your vacation! Nice way to show how that busy-ness felt!


  3. sgeijer says:

    Aghhh I feel your pain! I always feel as if my days off are so busy catching up from the millions of things I didn’t get to throughout the work week! Hopefully, you find just a few moments for yourself to relax.


  4. Mom Amelia says:

    Getting the housework done–FINALLY–can be a luxury. It does feel good to put my hair up, put on those rubber gloves, and get to work on all that has been waiting, but like you, I have the constant feeling that I deserve to be playing outside or reading in bed instead!


  5. Katie Diez says:

    Oh, I often feel like I need a day off from my day off too! I sometimes long for those days off when I didn’t even get out of pajamas! Great Slice!


  6. erinjohnson7 says:

    Isn’t it just horrible?! I know how you feel! I’m more exhausted today than if I were at work!


  7. Dana Murphy says:

    Someone else – Chris Kazda, I think – sliced about the same thing today! A day off is never a day off. I managed to have some fun today, as well as get some things done. You should declare our next day off a REAL day off.

    I was chuckling at the image of you talking to yourself in the grocery store! That was a great image to put in there!


  8. LSquared says:

    Do we ever catch up? At least you got the laundry done. I worked all weekend on a presentation, so housework is backed up. I thought it was funny that your teensy moment of peace was when you lost cellular service and had no distraction from your phone. đŸ™‚


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