Nights like this

Nights like this, I am able to come to a quiet house. Just my husband and I for dinner. I begin to cook get lost in the music on the radio. Such a sanctuary my kitchen is. I tell my husband “It’s time for dinner!” and he comes running into the house eagerly awaiting a well cooked meal. My children are off working, making their own money, creating their own life and I just remain in my sanctuary. Dinner was great, chicken rice fajitas on corn tortillas with sour cream, chips and salsa; all made from my sanctuary. I love a quiet home. I love being in the sanctuary. I love nights like this.

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5 Responses to Nights like this

  1. Tracey says:

    Your simple and effective prose really evokes the tranquility of a sanctuary.

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  2. Catmere says:

    Sounds like a perfect evening.

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  3. tjkfirst says:

    Love how you made me feel part of your sanctuary.

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  4. peteacher1 says:

    Ah…peace and tranquility! A short piece that gets the point across and relaxes me just reading about it. It had just the right amount of detail to draw me in! Enjoy that sanctuary!

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  5. LSquared says:

    I like the sanctuary. Mine is my yard/garden. It grants me assylum.
    A place of quiet. You cooked a very fine meal in your sanctuary.

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