Family photos

Today, I am thankful for the little dusting of snow we received. As I sit here alone in the kitchen drinking my coffee hearing only the heat blow behind me, my mind races with questions… what will I wear, do the girls know what they are wearing, Is my husband going to wear a Mustang shirt for family pictures? Hoping people in the house start to rise soon so we can get this day started. Showers are needed by all, and we will be fighting and yelling to not use all the hot water, then to get dolled up and try to leave at our goal time of 10:30 am. It will take us an hour to drive there and meet up with my family. We are all excited about this. We have never had a family picture. My mom has wanted one for so long, and the time has finally come! We are also doing Brianna’s Senior pictures, why not? We have the time and the photographer….I can’t wait to be together and make new memories. So, as nobody has even moved yet, I will hurry up and enjoy my hot shower!

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22 Responses to Family photos

  1. ccahill2013 says:

    What an exciting day you have planned! I can feel the quiet anticipation through your description. I can picture you in your kitchen, sipping your coffee, no one stirring in the house. I absolutely love those times – that must be why I connect so strongly to your slice. Have a great day! Maybe a future slice will give us a glimpse into how family picture day went!!


  2. Leigh Anne says:

    Welcome to this wonderful community of writers. It all starts with that first step. Family pictures can be so stressful sometimes. Good luck and don’t forget to smile and say “cheese”!


  3. Your writing really allowed me to become a part of your story. You painted the scene with your opening line so clearly that I could imagine myself sitting next to you, smelling your coffee and hearing your heater. I could hear the shouting about not using all the hot water. This was a wonderful piece about a moment in time I am sure you will enjoy reading again in the years to come. Thank you for sharing it!


  4. Jackie says:

    It’s snowing here right now! Hope you have a lovely day and that your family pictures are beautiful!


  5. I’m so glad you decided to join this year’s SOL challenge! We do a group family photo every year (though we do it informally) and it’s always a challenge to get everyone to smile and look in the same direction. Maybe you’ll share some of the shots with us later this month?



  6. Kim K says:

    Welcome to slicing! I like how you slowed down the beginning by listing the things you were thinking about. My mom would love a real family photo of all of us. Good luck!


  7. dashthebook says:

    Malekka, I’m so glad you shared your story! You dared greatly, took a risk, faced your fears, and put your voice out there for the world to enjoy. Keep on, keepin’ on with your writing! I enjoyed the story of picture day (which I hope goes well, and that all get hot showers) and look forward to seeing more of your stories. Best wishes!


  8. Don’t be nervous. This slicing community is the most welcoming group you will find. My first slice was five years ago. And from day one, they have been welcoming and supportive. Just keep writing đŸ™‚


  9. You’ve done it! You have captured your Slice of Life in a way that I could see you sitting there in the silence (just the heat blowing) but with the noise of the questions racing in your mind!


  10. I love that you’re worried about your husband wearing a Mustang shirt for pictures. Mine is a mustang lover as well, has about 20 shirts with the logo, and would do the same thing! Your family is gorgeous so your photo will turn out great, not matter what! đŸ™‚


  11. LSquared says:

    I share your eager lack of patience when there’s something new to do. That little dusting of snow was just like your few moments of quiet to think about the flurry of family fun to come. Post family pic sometime in March?


  12. jarhartz says:

    It’s all good. Enjoy. You will meet so many great folks slicing! Welcome.
    By the way, when you link your slice, first click on the date of your post, then copy that link into onto the TWT site. This is the link Notice the added extension to the blog name. Look for that!


  13. kmurphy1027 says:

    Welcome to the group! This community is so inviting and collaborative. I cannot wait to read your slices!


  14. elsie says:

    Family photos are never fun when in the process, but so treasured when they are finished. You gave the rest of the family a chance for hot water, too bad if they didn’t take advantage.


  15. I hope it’s a successful picture day, Malekka! There’s always a story when it’s picture day and it rarely has anything to do with the moment the flash goes off. Hope you’ll write about that tomorrow.

    Don’t be nervous about writing this month. It’s a supportive community. We’ll give you ideas every day in case you feel like you’re stuck. đŸ™‚


  16. Welcome to the Slice of Life community! Picture taking day has always been stressful in my house. My husband HATES pictures, so there is usually a lot of tension behind all our seemingly happy family photographs. đŸ˜‰ I hope it goes smoothly for you and that you end up with beautiful photos!


  17. Dana Murphy says:

    Ooooh, I love this. I love how you set the scene of you sitting alone in your kitchen, listening to only the sound of the heat. I could totally picture you there. I laughed out loud at the thought of your husband and his Mustang shirt.

    I’m sure you all looked beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the picture!


  18. erinjohnson7 says:

    So glad you decided to join the challenge! I look forward to following you this year!

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