Dream come true

The day my ears first heard a country singer named Randy Travis’ song on the radio, I fell in love. I was a small child at the time. Then as I grew older, that music became the “oldies” and had music like Shaina Twain, which I hated!! So, my boyfriends(now husbands) Grandma was a huge country singer and had all the a tracks so every time I visited we sat around the table and listened to all his songs along with Conway Twitty, George Jones and many more like them. I remember always saying to them, if he ever makes a new album and goes back on tour I WILL BE THERE.

That day eventually did come several years later, I seen him on Good Morning America featuring his new album, I jumped up and screamed and shouted OMG, OMG, OMG IT’S HAPPENING!!!   I was so excited and called everyone I knew to see who else was going with me. We bought our tickets and the count down was excruciating! I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Finally the day came and we were so excited, it was a very small venue and I felt like I was right there with him and at the end of his concert, we actually got to meet him, yes, I shook his hand and told him I loved him! Haha, yes, I said it! And he said back to me, well, I love you too and I appreciate it! OMG, I thought I was going to die right there. We didn’t get a picture with him because it had happened so quick and we didn’t know we would be able to meet him.

Yes, my dream came true. His voice can settle you like no other, and his songs just make you smile with the love you feel in them.

Here is a link to listen to him if you’ve never heard of him.

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Cell Phones

Isn’t it funny how when we were growing up we could go play across town or at the park  for hours on end without our parents. (WITHOUT A CELLPHONE) All the neighborhood kids could be gone all day with exception of a few check-ins we had to do to let our parents know we were still alive! We would have to run all the way back home, I’d quickly swing the door open and shout “we are checking in!!” Then run as fast as we could back to where ever we were playing at the time.

We’d play dodge or kickball but if we didn’t have anything to play with we’d play one of my favorite games ever, Red Rover, Red Rover. We had good, honest, old fashion fun! Well, sometimes….there  always was that friend that would want to do something so bad and you were so afraid of the police or worse your parents!!

Today our lives revolve around cell phones and the Internet! Ex. I am on my iPhone right now in a nail salon finishing my slice for today! There has been days that I’d leave the house and drive away and have to turn around because I forgot my phone, WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD I DO WITHOUT IT, RIGHT?? Then I think to myself, why am I doing this, I have survived many years without this stupid thing? But I must go back and retrieve it!

Our children today barely know how to “play” without electronics, or even socialize anymore. Everybody has cell phones now and couldn’t imagine their lives without it. Yes, even me.

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My head is screaming,

My heart is crying,

What is the meaning?

Family is family, right?

That’s what I always thought until last tonight,

the sorrow.. the pain.. show their ugly head,

they have a heart filled with lead.

I pray for you

to remember that life is precious,

that our journey will end someday too,

until then I will always love you.

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St. Patricks Day Tradition

Today we will do what we do each year for this holiday. We will wear green so we are not pinched and will talk like a leprechaun every chance we get. Our corn beef and cabbage is in the crock pot slowly cooking while we are at work. When it is dinner time we will toast with green beer and enjoy our feast! We aren’t really Irish but it is fun to play for day that we are!

Happy St. Patty’s Day to all you Laddy’s!

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Going for a run?

My daughter and my conversation last night

“Mom, what are your plans tomorrow?”

“Not too much, why?”

“We are going to run to the gym after school, okay?”

“UM, do you want to kill me? Have you ever seen me run in your life?”

“Don’t be dramatic  Mom you won’t die and if you expect results you must do things that you normally don’t do”

Why oh why did I raise such a smart and health conscious young woman!? Lord, help me get through my run today!!!

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The ride back home was long and loud. The fighting, the whining, the “Are we there yet?” See, my girls are twenty-two and seventeen, so, I have peace and quiet in my house and car. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my nine and six year old nephews, but a person can only take so much of boys! Sharing a hotel room with them can become very exhausting. Boys are not like girls or at least my girls anyway. All I could think about was getting back to the ones I missed, my children, my husband and my bed, yes my bed, my bathroom, a shower that will actually get my hair wet! Theres nothing like being home. Yes, I will sleep good tonight.

Being gone for the weekend, I was worried I would not be able to slice everyday but I did it, even with the all the craziness(family) going on this weekend, I did it.  🙂

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Saying our goodbyes

Today was a celebration of our Aunts life. Seeing long distance family makes for an exciting time, but remembering why we came together is sad. We talked, we laughed, we cried, we celebrated her life. Goodbye Aunt Mary. We love you. 

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My Children, My Loves

They grow too fast,

They become independent too fast,

They leave too fast.

Where did the time go?

When did that happen?

What am I going to do with myself?

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This weekend I am going out-of-town for a funeral. One thing that I hate doing is preparing to go out-of-town. I hate packing. I never know what I am going to wear, I am a person that picks out my outfit last-minute, how I feel at that moment. I never have been one to set my clothes out the night before. There are so many what if’s there!

What if….it’s colder than expected

What if….it’s warmer than expected

what if…..it’s raining

That could change a whole outfit!

So, when I get home tonight, I will totally over pack. I will bring half my closet. It will seem like I am leaving for a week not a weekend! I will always be prepared for the what if’s’…..

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Spring ahead

Everyday since daylight savings time, I’ve noticed that my eyes pop open not feeling heavy and I see it’s light out already, I feel well rested and even crack a little smile. (except for the one horrible night I didn’t sleep at all!) I hurry to the kitchen where Brianna is making breakfast so I could see her and say “Have a good day, I love you” before she’s off to school. Normally I do not get to see her as she has an early bird class, so by the time I get up she’s already at school.

I haven’t had to fight with the snooze button and hate and curse the morning or drag my lifeless body out of bed and stumble down the stairs into the shower to finally feel alive.

Maybe it’s the time change or maybe it’s just that the feeling of Spring has finally sprung!

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