Picture Day

I think my first blog was about getting our family photos taken.I wanted to share just a few photos with you. My mother had wanted  these pictures taken for a long time. That day was a beautiful day. Everything went well! It was a long day but being with everyone was worth it. E10 E13

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8 Responses to Picture Day

  1. ldehaan1 says:

    Everyone looks like their having so much fun! Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing

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  2. ldehaan1 says:

    edit! Their …..They’re!!!

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  3. peteacher1 says:

    What a beautiful family!

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  4. Kim K says:

    Those are great pics! I love that little guy just holding on to the littlest guy’s head. Too flippin cute!

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  5. LSquared says:

    Worth it, for sure! I like the composition with everyone almost circled. Says much about the warmth and strength of family.

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  6. mamraen says:

    What a beautiful family picture!! Thanks for sharing.

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