I loved playing Rummy. When I went to bed last night, the thought of my husband, then boyfriend, and I would sit up all night long and play Rummy and talk and laugh. The games even started to be too short so we added another deck of cards! Any time family would come over, we’d eventually all gather around the table and play! Oh man, that was so much fun! I haven’t played Rummy in years now.  

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5 Responses to Rummy 

  1. Ms. Kelly says:

    Sounds like it is time to play rummy again.

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  2. I love Rummy! We should get a bunch of us together and play some night!

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  3. LSquared says:

    I used to play gin rummy ceaselessly. Card games can be such pleasant pasttimes.

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  4. I loved gin rummy! (Let’s be honest… it’s one of the only card games I know!) I can’t wait to teach that game to my daughter.

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