This weekend I am going out-of-town for a funeral. One thing that I hate doing is preparing to go out-of-town. I hate packing. I never know what I am going to wear, I am a person that picks out my outfit last-minute, how I feel at that moment. I never have been one to set my clothes out the night before. There are so many what if’s there!

What if….it’s colder than expected

What if….it’s warmer than expected

what if…’s raining

That could change a whole outfit!

So, when I get home tonight, I will totally over pack. I will bring half my closet. It will seem like I am leaving for a week not a weekend! I will always be prepared for the what if’s’…..

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5 Responses to Packing

  1. mrssurridge says:

    Being prepared for all the what-ifs was much easier when every piece of luggage didn’t cost $35! Now I only go see people who are my size and my packing consists of toiletries in two oz see-through bottles. My plans are to carry everything in a backpack and then raid the closet of whomever it is I am visiting. If you aren’t my size, I can’t fly there because I would have nothing to wear. And I also don’t go anywhere I can’t wear flip flops. I hate unlacing my shoes just to go through security.

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  2. elsie says:

    Hey, a girl has got to have options. At least that’s what I tell my husband. He’s a minimalist. He doesn’t understand that one pair of shoes does not fit all outfits. Good luck packing.

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  3. LSquared says:

    I share your dislike of packing. I wind up with way too much or way too little. See freezing in Paris.
    Packing reminds me of moving, which we did a lot of when I was a kid. I’d rather not.
    However, I have to pack tomorrow for Bodega Bay for a birthday celebration.

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