Laundry Day

Saturday is laundry day for me, twenty years it’s the same ol’ routine. OH yes, how exciting my life is! I sit in my favorite comfy(dog hair covered that also must be cleaned) chair and read and delete my emails, check Facebook while sippin’ on my extra large delectable Caramel Creme flavored coffee getting lost in all my thoughts of things to do today, but laundry is the most important thing today. I wait till the coffee kicks in and I’m finally awake, I have enough energy to get this day started but I sit and procrastinate, I don’t want to do it. But once I finally start, I do not stop, I’m like a whirlwind of fire that stops for nothing till all my chores are checked off my list. The gratification I feel once all is done, is the best feeling ever. Here I go!

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6 Responses to Laundry Day

  1. briank925 says:

    Saturday is clean sheet day for us. And they do feel really good when they are clean and fresh. I never figured that out until I got married.

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  2. Kim K says:

    Good luck with your spree. I like how you had the frenzy and then slowed down for the bulk of it before speeding it up again. I’m on laundry automatic with a sick kiddo on deck today.

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  3. erinjohnson7 says:

    Oh I hear ya! Once I start cleaning I can’t stop once it’s all done!

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  4. It’s so, so hard to get moving on the weekends and to not procrastinate! I too am like you though. Once I start, there is no stopping me!

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  5. aileenhower says:

    Ditto! And it throws off my whole schedule if I have to be somewhere and cannot get it started like I want to (on Saturday morning) and finish it to be put away on Sunday morning. It is a ritual I need! Thanks for writing about it from your point of view.

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  6. LSquared says:

    I envy those who have regular routines — laundry institutions even.

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