Kicking the habit

I am so pleased with my husbands choice to finally quit smoking. I know personally how it feels to give something up you enjoy because you know it will eventually kill you, and not to mention it’s so darn expensive. Thirty-four days it’s been!! He is using the patch, but hey that is exceptionally better than actually doing the dirty habit. Yes, we will have to endure the major attitude and the short temper but we all will get through it. I know, since my poor family has had to go through about six years ago. I tell my husband how proud I am of him and to take one day at a time to kick that filthy habit! And on the plus side, there will be no more stinky clothes or the cigarette controlling you to run outside for a quick puff.

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6 Responses to Kicking the habit

  1. elsie says:

    Good for your husband and you! I know it’s hard, but in the end life is so worth it.

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  2. erinjohnson7 says:

    Congrats to your husband that is great!

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  3. Dana Murphy says:

    Good for him, Melissa. As you know, I kicked that dirty habit 2 years ago, too. It was so hard, but so worth it! Keep being supportive – and know his crabbiness is temporary (we hope). đŸ™‚

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  4. LSquared says:

    Nicotine is such a strong addiction. So glad you can keep saying what a great job he’s doing. Some of the brain stuff he’s missing out on is the feeling of being organized that smokers get when they inhale. Yep. He may feel not so together or organized mentally.

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  5. shelsdon says:

    Good for him and good for you!! My dad quit when I was younger, and it was rough but so worth it in the end. Keep being supportive!

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